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AIA and BIMsmith Partner to Enhance Building Product Research and Selection

AIA and BIMsmith Partner to Enhance Building Product Research and Selection

Washington, D.C. (September 22, 2021) – The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Anguleris, the creators of BIMsmith®, are partnering to elevate and enhance the relationship between architects and building product manufacturers (BPM).

Aligning with the AIA’s commitment to sustainability in the built environment and the use of healthy building materials in those buildings, Anguleris creates technologies like BIMsmith that streamline building product research and selection for architects. The Anguleris portfolio includes globally recognized platforms canvassing BIM, specifications, and samples, all of which enable manufacturers to advance their development of an informed product selection strategy.

“As the architecture profession becomes increasingly committed to sustainability and health as key drivers of design and construction, materials and material science are becoming more critical to effective outcomes,” said AIA EVP/Chief Executive Officer Robert Ivy, FAIA. “The depth, quality, and delivery of information assets to help inform architects is not consistent across the building products industry. Our work with Anguleris will change that."

“Building products are evolving at a rate that has not been previously seen,” said BIMsmith CEO Benjamin Glunz, Assoc. AIA. “Our team is honored to help AIA enhance the relationship between architects and building product manufacturers in the pursuit of an exceptional built environment.”

The partnership with Anguleris, the creators of BIMsmith® and Swatchbox®, will support BPMs in the effort to achieve the goals of the soon-to-launch AIA Informed Product Selection Challenge. The challenge is aiming to help BPMs advance the development and delivery of data, information, and knowledge about their products. More information about the Informed Product Selection Challenge will be available in the fourth quarter of 2021.

About BIMsmith

BIMsmith, the leading cloud-based building product discovery and selection platform, cultivates global business-to-business relationships between building industry professionals and building product manufacturers. Through direct integration of real product data into the BIM workflow, BIMsmith continues to shape the future of building science technology, placing its clients at the forefront of BIM innovation while addressing industry professionals' true needs. Learn more about BIMsmith at

About Anguleris

Anguleris is a global leader in construction technology. Founded, owned, and operated by architects, Anguleris helps building product manufacturers and building professionals work together seamlessly. From its flagship product research platform BIMsmith® to its leading material sample platform Swatchbox®, Anguleris facilitates the meaningful exchange of value between manufacturers and the AEC community. Learn more at

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